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New product !
The PF Venetian Clip
This clever idea will allow the manufacturing of very narrow perfect Fit Venetian Blinds.
When we say narrow we mean narrow down to as little as 109mm width !, opening up a whole new market that previously could not be done. Even better the head rail will sit straight and true !
To learn more watch the video, although the video says its a "concept" they are now avaialble to purchase from the shop.

FrameSeal the Fantastic Partner for Perfect Fit Frames !

We all know just how good the Perfect Frame is, however as good as it is there are limitations and problems that can be prohibitive to which windows it can be used on. Frameseal is the perfect partner for the Perfect Frame, opening even more opportunities in your blind business.

FrameSeal is a Brilliant Product
To learn more watch the Video !!

The Benefits of the Ingenuous  FrameSeal:
No Fill
The Gap
A common problem where the depth of the window reveal is too shallow, or the clips size will not allow a snug fit.
Foam Tape
Foam packing tape, it does not look professional and becomes dirty and unsightly very quickly
Frameseal provides a far more pleasing solution to the gap problem!
The Mis-measure / Very Wide Bead
It happens to the best of us, the mismeasure!
Which would require a remake

Or the very shallow angled bead that shows gaps with the perfect fit frame fitted.
With no solutions available
Visible Frame
Frameseal provides an extra “lip” concealing the gap, saving the cost of a remake.

Before Frameseal shallow beaded windows would not have been possible, they are no longer a problem with Frameseal.
Light Bleed
Frameseal will drastically cut the cut the light bleed from the frame which is a huge benefit when using blackout fabrics.  
Other benefits of using Frameseal include:

  • Protects the window from being scratched by the perfect fit frame.
  • Stops the rattling of the perfect fit frame.
  • Provides a more professional finish.
  • Cosmetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fantastic upsell.
UK patent application GB2201202.5
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